BHOHUP Copyright Notice

Notice: By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus by Charles M. Larson is Copyright © 1992 by the Institute for Religious Research in both its printed and electronic forms. Users of the Mormons In Transition Internet web site have permission to download it and make one printed copy and one computer disk copy for their personal use. Permission may be granted to make additional copies, but only after a request is submitted to the publisher. Please make your request in writing to the Institute for Religious Research, 600 West Street, Cedar Springs MI 49319, USA.

Under no conditions may this file or any reproduction of it be sold. This electronic version of the book By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus or any derivative version may not be posted to the Internet or other computer network without the express written permission of the publisher.

Note: This computer file does not contain some important elements available in the printed book, including the first published color photographs of the complete Joseph Smith Papyri collection, as well as photographs of the original translation manuscripts, and other important documentation. You will also notice occasional references in the text to charts, illustrations or other graphic elements that do not appear with the text. Unfortunately, these were incompatible with the text format of this file.