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Printable Order Form

Printable Order Form

You may place your order by printing this form, filling it out, then mailing to us atMail to: Institute for Religious Research, 600 West St., Cedar Springs, MI 49319 print

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On Mormonism — Tracts

Are Mormon Temples Christian? (100/$20.00) or (3/$1.00)
English Bulgarian Dutch Finnish Portuguese Spanish
Is Mormonism Christian? (100/$15.00) or (4/$1.00)
English Albanian Amharic Bulgarian Chinese Filipino Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Italian Korean Malagasy Portuguese Quechua Romanian Russian Spanish Swahili Ukrainian
New Light on Joseph Smith's First Vision (100/$15.00) or (4/$1.00)
English Bulgarian Finnish Hungarian Portuguese Russian Spanish Ukrainian
The Book of Mormon Today (100/$15.00) or (4/$1.00)
English Bulgarian Finnish Hungarian Portuguese Russian Spanish Ukrainian

On Mormonism — DVD

The Lost Book of Abraham: Investigating a Remarkable Mormon Claim

On Mormonism — Books

By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus
Free to LDS Church members — include $5.00 for p&h
Non-Mormons — $12 each
God's Word: Final, Infallible & Forever
Free to LDS Church members — include $5.00 for p&h
Non-Mormons — $3 each
Where Does It Say That?
Free to LDS Church members — include $5.00 for p&h
Non-Mormons — $6 each

On the Jehovah's Witnesses — Tracts

Facts About the Jehovah's Witnesses (100/$20.00) or (3/$1.00)
English Albanian Estonian Hungarian 
Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Spanish Ukrainian
The Four Dangers of the Jehovah's Witnesses (100/$15.00) or (4/$1.00)
English Amharic Filipino French 
German Greek Hungarian Italian Kirundi Malagasy Polish Portuguese Quechua Russian Spanish Swahili Ukrainian

Shipping and Handling
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$5.00 + 10% of the order total
    Out of U.S. - 
$5.00 + 20% of the order total
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