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4 Facts the Mormon Church Now Admits

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4 Facts the Mormon Church Now Admits

For years (decades) the LDS church dodged or denied troubling facts about Joseph Smith and the historical origins of Mormonism. It was not uncommon for Mormon people to say these were lies or half-truths invented by anti-Mormons to make the church look bad. Over the last several years the LDS Church has slowly but surely come to admit these are indeed true, crafting responses to the issues that are more damage-control that transparent authenticity. Are you sure you want to place your spiritual destiny in such hands? For a more comprehensive overview of the issues that demonstrate the non-Christian nature of the Mormon religion please see the link at the end of this article.

1. Joseph Smith secretly ‘married’ over 30 women. At least ten of them already had husbands when Joseph took them as his wives. (Read more.)

2. There are multiple, conflicting versions of the “First Vision” story. The last version Joseph told (now the official version) is the least likely to be true in light of the historical evidence. (Read more.) 

3. Joseph Smith produced the Book of Mormon by putting a ‘peep’ or ‘seer’ stone into his hat, covering his face with the hat, and dictating the words that appeared on the stone. (Read the eyewitness testimony.) 

4. Joseph Smith lied when he claimed that Egyptian papyri he purchased contained an ancient scripture written by Abraham of the Old Testament. He claimed supernatural ability to translate them, and his translation is now the LDS scripture called the Book of Abraham. It turns out they were common, pagan burial documents that have no connection whatsoever to the Abraham of the Old Testament. (Read more.) 

However, it still would rather you didn't know that you can have a close, personal relationship with God as a free gift. This includes forgiveness of your sins and a guarantee of eternal life in the presence of God the Father none of which you have to, or are able to earn. You don’t need to pay tithing, stop drinking coffee and tea, or perform secret masonic-type rituals in a Mormon temple. (Find out more.) 

The Mormon Church would also prefer you stay unaware of the fact that it uses deception in its teaching and proselytizing. It is justified by calling it “lying for the Lord” or giving “milk before meat.” (Find out more.

Wondering about your next step? Whether you find it disturbing, intriguing or infuriating this article will walk you quickly and concisely through 12 reasons Why Christianity Is True but Mormonism Is Not. If truth matters to you then this article is worth your time. Feel free to connect with us anytime via our Contact link on this and every page of this website. 

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