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If Mormonism Is Not True…

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If Mormonism Is Not True…

You have come to the conclusion—perhaps tentatively, perhaps rather definitely—that the LDS faith is not true. Whether you were raised LDS or converted to the Mormon religion, you realize that you no longer believe in it. Where do you go from here?

If you’re like a majority of LDS and former LDS in this situation, you are now unsure what to believe. You have questions not just about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon but also about Jesus Christ and the Bible. You might even be unsure about the existence of God. And more than likely you are in no hurry to get involved in another church, especially if you have family members who are still part of the LDS Church.

There are two things you need to know. First, this is all perfectly normal. It’s quite understandable to have doubts and questions about the big questions of life after realizing that the system of answers you had accepted for years no longer works for you. Second, please know that you are not alone. Other Mormons have gone through the same crisis of faith as you have. Others are going through it right now. You may prefer to wrestle with matters of faith and doubt on your own, or you may want to share your struggles with others who can relate to your experience. It’s totally up to you. Either way, we are here to help. We can connect you to other former and transitioning Mormons for support, and we can also provide you with resources that may assist you in working through your questions.

From this page, you can find a variety of articles and other informative resources of relevance to you in this time of rethinking what you believe and moving forward with your life.




“I don’t understand how the LDS religion differs from more traditional forms of Christianity.”

Go to our page on Mormonism and Christianity to find several articles that compare Mormon beliefs with those of historic Christianity.

“I want to learn sound biblical teaching so I can know what I should keep from my LDS background and what I need to change.”

Gospel Principles and the Bible is a book-length course of study that examines LDS doctrine in detail and explains where it agrees and where it disagrees with biblical doctrine.

“I don’t accept the LDS Church’s claims any more, but I still feel that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.”

The Book of Mormon Page lists resources examining the Book of Mormon historically and biblically.

“I just want to get my faith centered on Jesus Christ.”

We have a variety of resources on how we can have assurance of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

“I’m not sure any more what to believe about Jesus Christ, or even if I believe in him at all.”

From our Jesus Page you can access materials on the historical life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and on his deity.

“I’d like to get into some serious Bible study.”

We can provide you with access to several free Bible courses.

“If the Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham are not true, doesn’t this call into question the Bible as well?”

[resource needed]

“If the Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham are not true, doesn’t this call into question the Bible as well?”
See our article that addresses this very question by comparing the Bible with the Mormon scriptures.

“I have problems with the Bible.”

Our Bible Page rounds up articles on the textual and historical reliability of the Bible and answers various objections to its authority.

“I’m not even sure any more that God exists.”

We have pages of resources on God that present scientific evidence and other reasons for accepting God’s existence, and resources that address common objections to belief in God.

“There are so many different kinds of Christianity. How can I know which of them is right?”

[resource needed]

“There are so many different kinds of Christianity. How can I know which of them is right?”
Our article on the different kinds of Christianity will help you think through this question for yourself.

“I need to have my name removed from the LDS Church’s membership rolls. How do I go about doing that?”

See our page on how to have your name removed from LDS Church records.

“I’m interested in communicating with former and transitioning LDS, but I don’t want to broadcast my doubts to the world.”

Our Mormons in Transition discussion group, accessible only to members, provides a safe environment online to interact with others like you—anonymously, if you prefer.

“I would appreciate being able to talk one on one with someone who has gone through the process of leaving the LDS faith and moving on with life.”

Our Mentoring Program will connect you with a former Mormon (of the same gender) who will listen and empathize with you as well as answer your questions about leaving the LDS religion and finding new faith in Christ.

“I have some questions and have searched your website but couldn’t find anything that addressed them. Can anyone there help me?”

Contact us with your question and we’ll try to respond in a timely manner.