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Moroni III (3)

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Moroni III (3)

Book of Mormon Study Text


3:1 The manner which the disciples, which were called the Elders of the church, ordained priests and teachers. 3:2 After they had prayed unto the Father in the name of Christ, they laid their hands upon them, and said, 3:3 In the name of Jesus Christ I ordain you to be a priest; (or if he be a teacher, I ordain you to be a teacher), to preach repentance and remission of sins through Jesus Christ, by the endurance of faith on his name to the end. Amen. 3:4 And after this manner did they ordain priests and teachers, according to the gifts and callings of God unto men; and they ordained them by the power of the Holy Ghost, which was in them.



The close-parentheses mark here in Moroni 3:3 has been moved here instead of after “or if he be a teacher” for sake of clarity (cf. Skousen, Analysis).