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Are Mormons Christians?

"Are Mormons Christians?" is probably the most common question people ask about the LDS religion. Since we do not try to judge each individual Mormon, we prefer to frame the question as, "Is Mormonism Christian?" Here are some resources on this issue.

Understanding and Engaging Mormonism

Evangelical scholar Ron Huggins responds to the comments of Fuller Seminary president Richard Mouw about dialogue between evangelicals and Mormons.
The articles listed here provide short, basic introductions to a variety of topics of major importance in Mormonism.
Documentation from the LDS Church’s official website that Mormonism is sharply critical of traditional Christian beliefs and churches—even going so far as to describe them as being of the devil.
Start here for an objective, fair-minded overview of what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint teaches, based on its current teaching publications.
Printable PDF: For a handy half-page version, print two copies, photocopy back to back and cut in half.
5 simple steps to avoid arguments and share your faith

Is Mormonism Christian?

A comparison of Mormon and historic Christian beliefs on ten basic doctrinal issues.
Evangelical scholar Robert Stewart critiques the arguments of a respected Mormon scholar on the subject of whether Mormonism is an authentic form of Christianity.
Richard John Neuhaus gives an informed perspective on this question as a Catholic scholar.