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Stories of Former Mormons

"About six years ago, I began to severely inspect the doubts that had been in my mind for years."
"I believe now we deliberately chose to ignore a lot of the stuff that didn't make sense because the religion is so well-packaged and welcoming that we wanted to believe it was true."
"All my life I wanted an intimate relationship with God. I wanted to KNOW Him, not just know about Him. Mormonism was never able to give me that."
An unfulfilled hunger for Jesus led her to question the faith in which she was raised.
that I do wish to have my name taken off any and all rolls and registers regarding ...
His Research Raised Troubling Questions About the Foundations of the LDS Church
The Book of Abraham Controversy Helped Open Her Eyes to the Deception of Mormonism
Research into LDS history and the Bible brought him to the question: "Do I believe Joseph Smith or the Bible?"
"The first 31 years of my life, I spent as an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ... the Mormon Church. I was trying to live up to the rules, standards, and requirements they had set before me as I desperately searched for a way to earn God’s love."
She Was Troubled to Discover How LDS Leaders Have Covered Up Embarrassing Parts of Mormon History

More Resources on Polygamy

One man’s testimony of coming out of a polygamous Mormon sect.