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Meet the Mentors - Katrina

New Tribes Missionary
Time in LDS: 
32 years
LDS Church positions: 
Young Women’s counselor, Sunday school teacher, ward newsletter editor

I’m a 42 year old (gulp!) mom, and have five children ages 5-23. I was born into the LDS church, part of a multi-generational family and grew up very active in the LDS church. (Stake dances and girl’s camp were my favorite activity!) I became inactive for a time as an adult, but came back and then was active for 3 ½ years before coming to see that Biblical doctrine and LDS doctrine just didn’t agree.

Before that happened I had a temple recommend, attended the temple often, attended all of my ward meetings regularly, was first counselor in Young Women, Ward Newsletter Editor, and taught Sunday School to four-year-olds and twelve- year-olds (there’s not much difference :})

When I left it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But, as I came to know God’s Word–the Bible–more and more it became apparent that even though I loved the LDS church and everything it stood for, it was just not true. Since leaving I have been blessed beyond my imagination as I’ve come to know the biblical Jesus Christ and His amazing grace. ”