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Is Someone You Care About Being Wooed By Mormons?

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Is Someone You Care About Being Wooed By Mormons?

It can be disconcerting to discover someone you care about is taking the Mormon Missionary lessons or in a relationship with a Mormon who is trying to get them to join the LDS Church.  These resources can help you help them.

Start here:  Important “dos” and “don’ts” to maximize your effectiveness

This article has practical guidelines and resources for engaging the person without starting an argument, damaging the relationship, or unwittingly playing into the hands of the Mormon proselytization strategy – and yes, they have one.

More help: Dealing with these specific concerns

Witnessing Helps and Resources

Tips, techniques and methods for sharing your faith and your concerns about the LDS religion with Mormon loved ones.

MIT-Talk: Online Support Group for Mormons-in-Transition and former Mormons 

Free online support where you can interact with former Mormons and those transitioning out of Mormonism.  Members of the group share their own experiences, strengths, and hopes with each other. Meet others who share your feelings and frustrations concerning the Mormon faith and hopefully learn how to deal constructively with the concerns you have with Mormonism. It’s a place for getting practical help on reaching out to those you care about.   Read guidelines and sign up here. 


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How can I approach my husband without offending him because I believe he might be on the fence about Mormonism?