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Special Offer For Members of the LDS Church

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Special Offer For Members of the LDS Church

We are offering four of our top resources for only the cost of shipping and handling!

For a limited time we are offering a specially discounted copy on request to members of the LDS Church. Please include $5 for postage and handling to US addresses. For addresses outside the US, include $8.

Send your request by postal mail to:

Institute for Religious Research
600 West Street
Cedar Springs, MI 49319

Or, send your request and pay shipping with PayPal, using the PayPal button below the product.

Where Does It Say That? (BK019)

Where Does It Say That

contains scanned images of original Mormon documents, many from the 1800s, relating to key doctrinal and historical issues. These early Mormon sources document some of the most notable examples of teachings that set the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints apart from historic, orthodox Christianity.

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By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus (BK020)

The book By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus by Charles M. Larson is of special interest to members of the LDS Church. This 240-page book includes the first published color photographs of the complete Joseph Smith Papyrus collection, as well as photographs of the original Book of Abraham translation manuscript.

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God's Word:

Final, Infallible and Forever (BK010)

Over 300 pages long, it is really three books in one. Includes:

compelling evidence for the inspiration and authority of the Bible, a frank appraisal of key Mormon doctrines in light of the Bible, and the biblical plan of salvation as understood by Evangelical Christians.

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Evidence: Why Jesus and the Bible Can Be Trusted (BK047)

Popular, easy-to-read evangelistic tool, providing compelling evidence for Jesus, his deity, the Bible and a clear explanation of salvation as it is outlined in the Bible. Includes inductive Bible study. The book covers three categories of evidence: evidence for the Bible, evidence for Jesus Christ, and evidence for Salvation.

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If you would like more than one of the books offered here, simply select how many books you would like, and enter the item numbers (provided with the titles above). $1.oo for each additional book is added to the shipping and handling price.


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